Questions: Answered and Unanswered

This week I did a collaboration with Travis in my Project Outreach class (a class where baby writing birds are thrust from their contemplative nest and demanded to teach 15 hours of workshops over the course of the semester). The prompt was to write questions and answers and the other half of the exercise (part B, part bee, part 2, part 1 revisited, part dislodged, part flown away, part island, and so on) can be found on his blog here:

Created in the space of the third mind, the bold will indicate the ink from my pen (Noodler’s Purple Heart from a Lamy fine point fountain pen) and the non bold is Travis’s handsome black ballpoint (origin and flavor of ink unknown).

When will the winter end? / When the last white bird sheds its woolen sweater vest.

Where does the sea meet the sky? / The time that the wave becomes a cloud.

How high can a bird fly? / Until the air is so thin that the lungs won’t balloon, then it begins the fall.

What is the shape of your heart? / The shape of a thousand unanswered questions + about the size of my next words.

How complicated can we make this? / A celtic knot, snake unfolding into an onion, feathers that burst into flames.

What are the hopes of an inchworm? / Inchworms naturally dream of and yearn for solitude, so that they can live.

How does the moon stay in the sky? / When you cover string with glue, wrap it around the balloon and subtract the balloon, this is the weightlessness. But you need more string still, to keep it.

When will our mouths be satisfied? / An unending conversation is the only required action – the shape of words against tongues and teeth.

What would you take to a deserted island? / Papers and sweat and my body weight in aloe juice.

Why would a plant need a hat? / The plant has been waiting, left on the railway platform of a 1940s movie.

Which metal is the strongest? / Adamantium. Wolverine claws!

What language speaks closest to love? / The simple language of truth, with humor waiting in the wings.

How many questions go unasked? / What is the flavor of grief?

May you be inspired to ask some questions, answer some, and answer some with more questions.

Love from Boulder,



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